Wrapping Styleee

Chistmas is in one week and a day or two?  How is that possible?!  I have about two things crossed off my list of about twenty things to accomplish.  Many more dozens of cookies to bake, shopping to do, menu to plan, and presents to wrap!

I think dreamily browsing through some of these incredibly creative wrapping pics might actually push me towards getting my act in gear!  I usually like to go with a theme for my wrapping each year, minimalist with simple butcher paper and twine, traditional Christmas reds and green, and sometimes funky and fun with pops of unique colors!  I haven't quite decided what to do this year, so i'm hoping these will inspire me....

I am so drawn to pink this season, well i'm drawn to pink always, but I'm loving it for the Christmas this year!  Do you have a particular style that you are drawn to!?  Are you all finished with wrapping or have you not even started!?