Princess Pony Party

My sweet little princess wanted a pony party for her birthday, and well, horses and all things girly sweet i do love, so off we went!  All of the ponies and horses we already had on hand, this was the inspiration for the party.  Something magical and colorful, and of course... sweet!

Lots of photos through the years decorated
the sparkly iridescent photo booth backdrop.

Dollar Store Sunglasses and handmade sparkly photo booth props were made
with Michaels store items, and lots of glitter and mod podge!

Oreos covered in melted white chocolate and dipped in nonpareils.
Strawberry wafer cookies got the same sweet treatment!

There was a magical tattoo parlour filled with sparkly/glittery temporary tattoos.  
We had a build your own hot dog bar, because what kid doesn't love hot dogs!?  
Actually mine, she decided this on that very day.  HAHA!
There was a chalkboard for friends and family to leave our little one birthday messages on,
it was so fun to read all the sweet notes!

The hit of the party had to be this colorful candy bar!
We set up vintage and new glass jars for all of the candy and made this beauty self serve for the kiddos, with pink polka dot take home bags of course!

The fluffiest petal pink cake I ever did see.
This was a labor of love, it took four cans and a full hour of hand cramping to achieve the peaks I wanted all over the cake, but it was magic in a can from Betty Crocker...
and i'm pretty sure the reason I have carpel tunnel these days! (I kid I kid!)

This had to be one of my most favorite kids parties that I've gotten to plan, how about you!?  What has been your favorite?  Or what do you look forward to?